Top Traditional Restaurants in France

When a person is visiting the country of France are going to want to experience the culture including the food. These are some of the top traditional French restaurants that a person should visit while they are in France.


Au Bascou



Many people have not heard of this restaurant less they were told about it by a local. This restaurant is located in the Basque country and the owner is also the head chef. The food is tasty and classic but not overly fancy. Above all the food tastes good. There is a large wine selection and there are daily specials that are paired with wines that will compliment them.


Au Pied De Cochon

The name of this restaurant translates to pig’s foot. When the restaurant first opened in 1947 it became famous for the preparation of pig’s feet. Over the years the establishment has become more refined but still serves traditional French foods. Everything is made by hand right at the restaurant. The pork pate is a top choice and while pig’s feet are still on the menu there are a number of other dishes as well. the onion soup is a must try.




This classic French restaurant is upscale and they see a number of international clients each year. The chef balances out the French cooking with flavors that marry well together. Even the rooted vegetable dish is like a work of art on the plate with all of the different colors. The restaurant was opened in 1842 and even King Louis Philippe has eaten there. They also use the best easy rice pudding recipe which tastes heavenly. 




This restaurant is known for its traditional dishes and cooking techniques. There are large plates of fish, meats, and seafood that are served with bread that is freshly baked and still work. The chef uses the traditional Auvergne cooking method to make up his elegant dishes. The meal often begins with shellfish with a diced tomato topping. There are a number of daily specials and in the summer there the roasted apricots are a big hit.


Brasserie Thoumieux by Sylvestre


This French restaurant has been open since 1923. The chef is a two Michelin star honoree. A person should give the tuna steak a try with the traditional Mediterranean inspired side dishes. There are daily specials for the main dish featuring meat or seafood. All of the food is prepared fresh. For dessert, there are a number of homemade chocolates as well as desserts that feature this chocolate in several different ways. Each day the chocolates are poured by hand. The traditional French dishes are full of flavor. The restaurant is right near the Eiffel Tower so it is easy to access for tourists. This is one of the best restaurants for traditional French food in all of Paris. Be sure to dress nicely when entering this upscale restaurant.


These are some of the best places to get traditional French foods while in France. These dishes are full of flavor and a person can stop by any of these places. They will not be disappointed.